Content Management System

is software that allows the user to create, achieve, edit, collaborate, publish report, inform, and dispute content. Its GUI user interphase makes website database interaction user friendly. Usually, the website uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) to design and create pages. These are two fundamental components of the web pages. CSS provides the aural and visual layout, and HTML is used to create the web page structure. A CMS is a user-friendly software, which allows the user to edit, amend, and modify website content without any coding knowledge. It uses a WYSIWYG interface and an acronym for accuracy. The data in CMS is stored in the database, which is shared with the webpage using a template. Moreover, the CSS controls the output.

Content writing


It works best with structured documents. In addition to that, it can efficiently manage audio and video files.
CMS is for everyone, even the non-technical minded people. It allows multiple users who can contribute to your website. CMS makes permission and role management easy and straightforward. With Content Management System, the user is in control of the content, and he/she can keep a keen eye on the content status. Moreover, the user can add functionality without breaking or redo the site. Content Management System allows change and innovation as the design and content are in different virtual boxes. In a nutshell, CMS helps you manage your content efficiently by giving you control.

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