Instagram advertisement is one of the leading social media platforms, with approximately 1 billion monthly users. It has more than 500 million active users daily. It is an interactive platform that focuses more on visual posts. Since the very beginning, Instagram is considered an influential marketing tool. It is heaven for shopping and “learn more about” posts. Instagram has more than 25 million active business accounts. 42% of Instagramer use the platform multiple times a day. At least 200 million users visit one business profile daily. An Instagramer is generally generous and the like button is hit approximately 4.2 billion times per day. It is easy for the business to connect with the user with high disposable income, who can make decisions freely. This makes it easy to convert an interest or lead to a purchase. If the business is not using Instagram, it is missing a pool of opportunities. Through Instagram, a business can maximize its reach and visibility. After Facebook acquired Instagram with a $1 Billion deal, its reach was enhanced even more. The blog focuses on the reason and advantages of why any business should integrate Instagram advertising in its marketing strategy and how to do it right.

Instagram advertisement is simple and easy.

The success of any social media platform rests on its simple and easy use. Instagram is conscious and convenient. It is easy to find followers on Instagram if the content is written is interesting and displayed excitingly. The business can increase visibility using hashtags. Effective use of hashtags can do wonders for the business. 

Instagram advertisement
Instagram marketing

Instagram has a high purchasing power

An Instagramer has high purchasing power. Not only that, they can make a purchase decision freely. Instagram has a culture of checking business profile and make online purchases. Approximately one-third of the Instagramers make a purchase online. Instagram offers a massive pool of potential customers, and almost 75% take action by clicking the learn more, contact, or shop now button.  

Instagram's Advance targeting option makes it more effective. 

The business can reach, interact, and engage with a highly targeted audience. As Instagram has a culture of shopping, the users are already exploring various options. Using the advance targeting option, the business can connect with the user who is either interested in identical or closely related products or services. It allows the business to increase its visibility, which directly impacts its authority and credibility. If the business can deliver what it promises the customer, it can maximize customer loyalty and trust. Like Facebook, Instagram also offers the retargeting option, making it convenient for the customer and decides in favor of the business. Instagram has state of the art targeting option, which is much sophisticated than its competitors.

Instagram advertisement
Instagram advertisement

The Instagram Advertisement data is track-able.

Instagram Advertisement is easily track-able. It allows the business to collect and analyze all the leads and sales data, making it easy to calculate the return on investment (ROI). Its tracking capability matches Facebook. The user can gather the data of all the leads, sales, conversion, and click. The cost and benefit analysis allows the business to keep the goals and budget aligned. The users can have an eye on the customer demographics and modify the targeted audience as and when needed. Furthermore, the user can keep track of the most effective ads and the business they bring

More features for business profile

Instagram understands the business needs and offers an array of features to complement them. The business can promote its product and service. Not only that, it can connect and interact with the customer. The features like providing the “learn more” button helps the business engage with current and potential customers. Ad dollars maximize the brand reach and visibility. Moreover, access to account insights helps the brand do the cost and benefit analysis.

instagram marketing
Instagram marketing

Instagram Advertisement maximizes business reach.

The business can reach a considerable audience cost-effectively. The tracking options allow the business to do the cost-benefit analysis and determine the return on investment. The platform empowers the customers, and they can be in charge of their advertising budget.  Instagram Advertisement reaches a broader audience, with high purchasing power and freedom of decision. 34% of Instagram users are millennials, and 38% check Instagram multiple times daily. The success of the Instagram advertisement depends on how well though, analyzed, and planned is the Instagram advertisement strategy.

Instagram Advertisement is for every business. 

Instagram Advertisement is for everyone. From big brands to small businesses, all can take advantage of a huge volume of potential customers. At the same time, success does not come overnight. The business needs an active presence, deliver what it promises, engage with the customer, keep track of changing customer needs, and respond accordingly. Besides consistency, creativity, and simplicity matters as well.  

Instagram advertisment
Instagram advertising

Quality of brand building 

Instagram offers a beautiful blend of organic and paid traffic. If the customer integrates both provisions, he/she can attract quality traffic without paying for it. It is much easy and simple to build your followers on Instagram organically. It is based on the natural relationship between the brand, platform, and its users. An Instagramer generously exchanges opinion, and that word of mouth help the brand grow. An interesting fact is that almost 50% of the Instagrammers will follow the business anyway. They evaluate its performance before making the decisions in favor of or against it.

 Instagram is one of the most effective social media marketing platforms as it offers facilities and a large volume of potential customs. The integration between Facebook and Instagram maximizes the business reach even more. It offers a combination of paid and organic traffic provisions. The business can increase its visibility and reach, which positively impacts the business’s credibility and authority. Furthermore, Instagramer is more interested in exploring different product and services. They prefer to make an online purchase and share their opinion about the product and service they bought. They have high purchasing power and decision freedom.