Pinterest advertisement is one of the most important social media platforms. It is not as popular as Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook, but still, it is a platform with potential. It has shown steady growth. Pinterest advertisement has established 30% more potential to drive referral traffic, leads, and sales. Moreover, 8 out of 10 users buy on Pinterest. It has proven itself heaven for brands, medium, and small businesses, where the customers are inclined to learn and try different products and services.
Moreover, it increases the business’s potential to connect and interact with a new quality targeted audience. Pinterest has an innovative business model where a company can introduce its product or service to a broader audience through a pin. When the user clicks on that pin, it leads to ten more pins, which allows a business to reach a much wider audience with mutually share interests. In this way, Pinterest works as an alternative search engine. It is instrumental in creating awareness, increases traffic, and generates leads and sales.

Some Interesting Pinterest Statistics

Pinterest is a powerful platform to market your product or services and increase online visibility and presence. Pinterest has more than 322 million users, and women make the majority of the audience at Pinterest. Approximately 7 out of 10 users are women. Women have an emotional connection with the platform and revisit the platform multiple times in a day. The users are interested in branded as well as non-branded products and services. Almost 97% of the user prefers exploring non branded and innovative items. It has gained user attention in recent times and has more than 200 billion pins. The platform instantly attracts customer attention as it offers inspiring spectacles. 99% of the pins contain pictures and are visual. It is an inspiring platform for businesses, and approximately 28% of the marketer use Pinterest. Pinners are predominantly belonging to high-income households. They have enough disposable income and the freedom to make decisions. 

Advantages of Pinterest advertisements 

Pinterest users generously discover, check, save, and share new ideas, products, and services. The business can use the platform for free and can resort to the paid Pinterest advertisements called Promoted Pins. The user can target an audience and promoted pins shown to the users interested in similar products, services, or ideas. Pinterest displays the promoted pins to the audience based on their past activities, actions, and interests. 

The Pinterest advertisement offers a broad audience and quality traffic 

Pinterest is one of the significant traffic driver platforms. Its users are from different age groups. The user typically belongs to the high-income class. They have enough disposable income and prefer to shop online. It is why it has 80% more potential to generate leads and sales than its competitors, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The using Pinterest advertisement, the business can attract quality traffic, which prefers to buy online, explore new brands, and refer quality product and services to other pinners. 

Pinterest advertisement is ideal for creating brand awareness

Promoted Pins are effective marketing tools a brand can use to create awareness. It increases visibility and recognition online. Pinterest is suitable for both branded and non-branded products and services. Pinners are inclined to explore new ideas, products, and services. The Pinterest user prefers to explore Promoted Pins if it is according to their interest and preferences. Therefore, it increases touch points, engagements, and interaction.  

Pinterest advertisement increases brand visibility leading to customer loyalty.

Pinners prefer to refer to quality products and services, which increase brand visibility and credibility. The platform uses three metrics, which are beneficial to increased awareness, boost favorability, and improve brand perceptions. Pinterest matrix is unique and offers a distant competitive edge over its competitors. Pinterest’s business marketing success depends on identifying the perfect audience. Furthermore, the quality of content plays a critical role in engaging with the available traffic. 

Pinterest advertisement means more leads and more sales. 

If the business uses quality content and images, Pinterest displays it to more users, increasing brand visibility, authority, and credibility. It applied to both organic and paid traffic. The pinners prefer to purchase online, and 83% of the users place an order while exploring different pins. The platform has a high conversation rate, which opens a new marketing horizon for any brand, big or small. The budding and small brands can also reap the benefits of pinners’ inquisitive nature. If the brand can present itself in an inspiring and exciting manner, it can quickly become viral, driving more traffic to the product or service.

Pinterest advertisement can generate long traffic terms.

The pins are the brand’s online assets. They can generate long term quality traffic and maximize their reach over a while. Ignoring Pinterest can hinder the brand’s competitiveness, visibility, authority, and credibility. Again creative content and innovative images can add to customer loyalty and trust.  

Keywords integration and Pinterest search

Pinterest offers long term benefits to the business and brands. It is easy to be ranked high on Pinterest compared to other platforms. The user can integrate it with keywords and optimize pins to get quality traffic from Pinterest and Google. This implies that the brand can get more leads, clicks, sales, conversions, and impressions. Pinterest is a powerful image-based search engine and focuses on high-quality, optimized images. It allows the pins to spread to a broader audience based on their preference, interests, and previous experiences.

Pinterest is a leading social media platform, which has shown incredible potential and growth. It has demonstrated wonders for businesses and marketers. The Pinterest user prefers to buy online, and a majority of the business and marketer prefer to use the platform to connect with a new targeted audience. A successful Pinterest campaign should be innovative, attractive, and inspiring. It generates a cyclic reaction, where one pin is attached to 10 other pins, which magnifies its scope, reach, and potential. The users are mostly having enough disposable income, and prefer to purchase online. Moreover, they are interested in new and innovative products and services. Additionally, they generously share their opinion and recommend the product and service they use. Therefore, the brand can reap long term benefits from Pinterest advertisement, if the platform is used strategically, and rationally.