Leads Generation

a lead is every person who shows interest in buying a product or the services from the business. When a potential customer opens a communication, the business typically engages with them, thereby developing lasting relations. It is much focused compared to the ordinary cold calls. There are different types of leads, including the following:
Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) refers to the potential customer who interacts with the marketing team.
Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) includes the contacts that have taken action and expressly indicate interest in becoming a customer. 
Product Qualified Lead (PQL) is the potential customer who has used the product and is willing to take action and become a paying customer. 
Service Qualified Lead is the tentative customer who has used the service and is ready to become a paying customer. 
In the competitive business world, business success primarily depends on investing in potential customers. Lead Generation is one of the most effective strategies to build awareness. It helps the business increase profit and sales. Moreover, the business can adopt a more focused approach to target customers interested in the product or services, benefiting both buyers and the sellers. Lead Generation is much more economical compared to advertisements. In a nutshell, lead Generation is a vital tool to engage with potential customers. It’s focused, targeted, economical, and more rewarding. s


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